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To us it is vital that when working with Lidl you reap the benefits, not only of a typical employer, but also of a multinational retail chain!

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Why Choose Lidl


Why Choose Lidl

Why Lidl

Lidl is a multinational retail chain operating in 32 countries worldwide with over 10,800 stores and over 287,000 employees. Lidl is not only certified Top Employer Europe, but Lidl Malta is also the only Maltese company certified Top Employer Malta.

So why Lidl? Because it offers opportunity, growth, success, a dynamic team and a career path. Lidl has the vision to take new roads, to create, programme, plan and produce, and most of all, to deliver.

Lidl can fuel your passion for success… that’s why Lidl!

We are the first, and only, Maltese company certified Top Employer

Discover what makes Lidl a unique workplace

A company that cares

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CSR initiatives

As a multinational company, Lidl Malta is aware of its importance and impact within the society in which it operates. Additionally, the company considers itself to be part of this same society and wants to make its contribution, not only through daily work carried out, but also through practical and locally rooted initiatives. In fact, every year, each and every store invests in a number of Corporate Social Responsibility projects in the locality where they are located.

Our people

People are the key to Lidl Malta's success; this is why we continuously strive to nourish their professional and personal growth by providing a positive and stimulating work environment. This endeavour has been awarded the prestigious Top Employer certification in both 2019 and 2020.

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