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People & Society

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Staff initiatives

People are the key to Lidl Malta's success; this is why we continuously strive to nourish their professional and personal growth by providing a positive and stimulating work environment. This endeavour has been awarded the prestigious Top Employer certification for 6 consecutive years.

In addition to this award, the company also invests in organising various events and activities aimed towards the well-being of the whole team. These activities range from internal work-life benefits, such as Lidl branded gift packs for employees who have just become new parents, to company events and team building activities.

An example of such events was the event organised in 2023, when Lidl Malta celebrated its 15 year anniversary and a massive family event involving employees and their family members was organized. This celebration celebrated the team’s great work and all of the success that the company gained since opening its doors on the Maltese islands. It also served as a reminder that it is only thanks to the passionate people standing behind the brand that such a growth was possible.        

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CSR initiatives

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As a multinational company, Lidl Malta is aware of its importance and impact within the society in which it operates. Additionally, the company considers itself to be part of this same society and wants to make its contribution, not only through daily work carried out, but also through practical and locally rooted initiatives. In fact, every year, each and every store invests in a number of Corporate Social Responsibility projects in the locality where they are located.

Support NGOs

These projects are aimed to help different NGOs with wide-ranging intentions, so much so, that some activities help out persons who come from socio-economically disadvantaged background, whilst other projects are undertaken to sustain persons with learning difficulties and disabilities other initiatives supported nature organizations, and others still animal sanctuaries. These are only a few examples of the various enterprises the company undertakes in collaboration with other entities.

Puttinu Cares Marathon

Lidl Malta is also the main sponsor of the annual Puttinu Cares Marathon spread on three days; Lidl Malta has been the proud sponsor of this national and highly anticipated event for 8 years and plans to keep on sustaining this event in the foreseeable future.

Other initiatives

Various other national activities have been sponsored by Lidl Malta throughout the years, such as the President’s Solidarity Fun Run, The Breast Cancer Awareness walk, Rock the Fort, and many more, always with the aim of sustaining the Maltese community.

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