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Communications & Human Resources Departments

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Our Communications Team

Our Communications Department takes care of all internal and external communication. This means that the website, social media, marketing tools and advertising media are all controlled here. Additionally, Lidl Malta owns its very own internal communication tools which give its team members instant access to all company information and news! 

The Communications Department also oversees all the CSR events organized during the year as well as as well as the overall branding of the company. 

Internal Communication Mediums

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iLIDL Intranet

Our own internal website

WeAreLidl App

Our own mobile application

Our HR Team

Our Human Resources team is split up into several departments. All of these departments handle matters ranging from recruitment, payroll, employment policies and benefits, as well as acting as a go-between for team members and managers. They also clarify queries regarding a number of matters including leave entitlement and sick leave. 


Our different HR Deparments

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Employment Law Department

Our Employment Law Department safeguards that all employee rights are always respected, and that the conditions of employment comply with the law. It continuously monitors developments in the law and ensures all systems are up to date.

Health and Safety Department

Ensures that our employees are as safe as possible when it comes to their work duties whilst ensuring that all employees always have the appropriate personal protective equipment available. All Health Assessments and Risk Assessments are carried out by the department in accordance with the applicable legislation.

HR Administration Department

Our HR Administration department is supporting the whole human resources sector. It is responsible for creating employee records and keeping them up to date, preparing necessary documentation and reports, answering employee’s queries, making phone calls and scheduling appointments, administering job applications etc.

Personnel and Social Department

The neutral point of contact for the employees. Our Personnel and Social Manager works as a mediator in conflict situations, develops efficient solutions by listening and answering to employees’ queries, and takes care of both the employees’ and company’s interests. The department also contributes to a positive working environment by organizing various social events.
Employee Loyalty

Recruitment Department

Our Recruitment Department takes care of all the recruitment activities. It collaborates with the hiring managers to identify the hiring needs, takes care of the vacancy openings, conducts application screening and processing, shortlists the candidates for the hiring managers whilst also acting as a consultant to the new hires and assist them in the onboarding process.
Student Cap

Training and Development Department

In order to bring out the best from our employees, the company focuses a lot on training and development. This department identifies the training needs, plans and develops different training programs for our employees. Training is conducted both within the company and by the licensed third-parties.

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