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How To Apply With Us

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Applying with us entails a quick and easy process!

When applying for a post that you have found online, read the job descriptions carefully and only apply for those jobs that you deem fit for you; do not apply for every position just for the sake of applying.

We collect applications via email: save a copy of your CV as a PDF format with a file name as follows; “NAME_SURNAME”. Also attach a covering letter where requested and when sending an email write down a little about yourself and why you feel you are suitable for the job in the email itself; always remember to be concise and precise!

Remember that this will be your recruiter’s first impression of you – write to impress

Our recruitment process

Application via email

Once you check out our possible vacancies online, you can apply directly through our website, attaching your CV and covering letter where applicable.

Screening & Feedback

Our HR department will perform the initial screening. Your application will be reviewed, and the reply will be sent to you.

Your Application is forwarded to the Management

If your profile meets the necessary requirements for the position, your CV will be forwarded to the management in charge for the respective opening

Second Screening & Feedback

Your application will be reviewed once again, and an email will be sent to you.

1st Interview

Your interview will always be conducted by at least 2 persons to ensure fairness.

Invitation for the 2nd interview / Feedback

If your 1st interview was successful, depending on the role you are applying for, at this stage you will either be invited for another interview or you will receive a job offer. If your 1st interview was not successful, at this stage we will be sending you an email to notify you.


Congratulations, you have been selected! At the final stage you will be required to deliver all the necessary documents for your employment and you will be invited for your Welcome event


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