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Getting Ready for the Interview

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How do you get ready for an interview?

Taking the time to prepare for an interview in advance is essential in getting the position; remember you need to leave a good impression on your interviewer! So how do you prepare yourself? 

Analyse the job

Take time to analyse the job posting; as you review the job description consider what the company is looking for in their ideal candidate. It would be helpful to prepare a list of skills, knowledge, professional and personal qualities that are required by the employer. Once this list is ready make a list of your assets and match them to the above.

Research the Company

Find out as much as you can about, not only the job, but also the company before the actual interview. Do this well before attending the interview. Company research is a critical part of interview preparation as it will help you answer interview questions about the company and you can also ask questions. Additionally, you will also be able to see whether the company culture matches your personality or not.

Practice Interviewing

Take the time to practice possible interview questions you might be asked. This will help you be calmer on the actual day of the interview as well and you will know how to answer without having to be quick on your feet on the day.

Get your interview clothes ready!

Have an interview outfit ready prior to the actual day; it is important to be neat, tidy and well-groomed. Give a positive image and take the time to think about your hair. Dress to impress!

What to bring and what not to bring to an interview

Take an extra copy of your CV with you, include a portfolio where necessary and take a notepad and a pen with you. Turn off your mobile phone – better yet, do not take it with you! DO NOT take a cup of coffee and DO NOT chew gum.

Practice interview etiquette

Remember to properly greet your interviewer and everyone else you meet politely, pleasantly and enthusiastically. During the interview; watch your body language, shake hands firmly (if possible), make eye contact, pay attention, be attentive, look interested.

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⏰ Remember to be on time - if possible even 10 minutes earlier! 

​​​​​​​Confirm the time and place beforehand and make sure you know the directions.

Any last few questions before applying?

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