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Your Development

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The importance of training & development

An organized training and development programme guarantees that employees have a steady experience and robust background knowledge. Well trained staff members who also have access to development programmes, not only feel appreciated, but also feel challenged and thus more satisfies at work. This is why at Lidl, we give training and development great importance and give our staff members room to grow and advance

Our perception

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At Lidl Malta we know that our greatest strength is our team. This is why we favour development and growth inside the company through training programmes, both for newly-employed staff and for those already working with us. We offer continuous personalised training courses, developed to fully express everyone's potential. Most of our present managers have grown and passed several ranks inside the company, eventually reaching high-level positions.

Our dynamic workplace

A continuous learning curve starting from day 1

On Your 1st Day

On your first day you will be welcomed with a formal "Welcome Event". Here you will meet other new recruits and you will be given a "Starter Kit" containing all the documents to get you started as well as all the information you need to know about your new place of work!

Your Mentor

You will be assigned a mentor who will help you take your first steps in the company, facilitating your insertion into work activities. The mentor is a reference colleague who will help you orient yourself in the new work environment from a relational, organizational and professional point of view.

Continuous Training

Once you join Lidl you will also have the opportunity to self-train thanks to our weekly uploaded online links available on your company intranet. These links provide you with the latest webinars, courses and seminars to improve yourself, both professionally and personally!

Talent Management

A performance review, called "Talent Management" is performed on a yearly basis. During this meeting, your Superior will discuss with you how far you have come during the year, the opportunities for growth, how to improve yourself and together you will target these areas through a tailor-made development path.

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Our team's journey in words

The Journey