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Administration & Finance Departments

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Our Administrative Team

Administrative activities entail the day-to-day running of our business operations; this task is assigned to our amazing group of secretaries, led by their team leader. 

It is thanks to them that our business runs smoothly everyday! They manage to support each and every department whilst fielding calls, receiving visitors, monitoring customer care, scheduling meetings, organize our Regional Director's hectic schedule, and so much more! 

Our Finance Team

The activities carried out by our finance department cover a wide range of tasks, from basic bookkeeping to providing information in order to assist managers in making strategic decisions. 

Which areas are overseen by our Finance Department?



Responsible for the accounting management of goods, suppliers, movable and immovable property.


It deals with ensuring compliance with national tax legislations and the consequent obligations
Piggy Bank

Treasury & Finance

Cash flow management, bank reconciliations and control of the receipts of all our stores. Furthermore, it plays an important role of contact and coordination between banking institutions and our headquarters.

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