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Join our Team at our Logistics Centre!


We have opened a brand-new Logistics Centre!

Given the company's rapid growth, Lidl Malta constructed a new and bigger Logistics Centre in Malta. 

The Logistics Centre takes care of sending the ordered goods to all our Stores and is divided into 3 Areas:

  • the Operations Area is responsible for the entry of goods into the Warehouse and for its preparation based on the orders placed by the stores;
  • the Process Area which deals with the delivery of the ordered products, identifying optimized routes and containing transport costs; moreover, this Area also follows the administrative man-agement of incoming goods;
  • the Maintenance Area which guarantees the correct functioning of the systems, tools and means of handling goods. It also manages all recycling activities.

The Main Operations of the Logistics Center

Area Operations

Incoming Goods and picking

The goods are delivered by suppliers, quality controlled and quantified before storage, and organized on pallets in accordance with store orders.
Area Process

Outgoing Goods

Before the goods leave the logistics center, transportation is planned and organized based on efficiency and speed standards.
Maintenance Area

Maintenance and Recycling

We take care of the correct functioning of the systems, tools and means of handling. Waste disposal is also managed.
Interni Magazzino

What do the professionals of the Logistics Center do?

Work activities

Each employee has specific tasks to carry out independently or in coordination with other colleagues.
Here are the main work activities carried out in the Logistics Centre:

  • Preparation of the goods through dedicated computer systems;
  • Qualitative and quantitative controls of the products managed in the warehouse;
  • Control and preparation of the transport documentation of the goods;
  • Management of the goods in the warehouse;
  • Optimization of procurement, picking or transport processes;
  • Organization and optimization of delivery plans;
  • Guarantee of compliance with food handling regulations and safety standards.
Addetto Magazzino

Who is the Warehouse Assistant?

The Warehouse Assistant deals with the management of the material and goods coming from our Stores: it ensures the correct storage and sorting within our Logistics Centre in compliance with company standards.

Assistente Team Leader Logistica

Who is our Warehouse Supervisor?

The Warehouse Supervisor manages a team of Warehouse Assistants guaranteeing that each store receives the goods it has ordered in total compliance with deadlines, quality standards and company procedures.

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