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5 good reasons for working at Lidl

We asked our employees why they appreciate working at Lidl. Read some of their answers.

Tailor made training

"I can proudly say that I started from the lower ranks and made my way up to Store Manager through hard work and dedication. I would suggest our company as a place to work as we give extreme importance to meritocracy and provide the proper tailor made training for continous development."

New challenges

"As an HR Executive I appreciate working for Lidl since my job allows me to interact with staff and management on a daily basis and face new challenges. Lidl gave me the opportunity to develop my skills. I feel that my job is highly rewarding as I continuously work towards improving employee satisfaction and assist staff whenever the need be. Furthermore, I love working in a company which is in continuous expansion as it provides a stable working environment and makes you feel that you belong there. In addition, the company organises a number of social events throughout the year which enables staff to socialise and get to know each other more!"

Fast paced environment

"I enjoy working with Lidl as it gives me the chance to interact with my colleagues and customers. I particularly enjoy working in a fast paced environment as it fits my character. Lidl gives you the opportunity to develop and grow in a fast moving company."


"Lidl is a reliable company and gives the opportunity to grow. I have been working with Lidl for the past 6 years, it has helped me to grow both personally and in career terms. I saw Lidl Malta improving every day in each sector. This company gave me the opportunity to work in different departments, meet new staff and deal with different suppliers."


"I enjoy working with Lidl as I have managed to work and interact with a variety of people from all walks of life. Lidl as one of Europe's most respected retail companies not only provides a platform for constant growth but continuously invests in its employees. I look forward to the many years to come and the challenges and satisfaction that these will bring."